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She says her fear over one-on-one meetings with men has impacted her ability to bond with professional and personal acquaintances, and thus has negatively impacted her career.'In other words, Jane Doe 1 lost the part Weinstein offered, lost other opportunities at Miramax and TWC, and has lost other professional opportunities as the consequence of Weinstein's assault,' the lawsuit reads.'Weinstein then told Jane Doe 1 to "Give me my script back." Weinstein was belligerent and ranting.He told her, "Without me, you will never work again." 'Weinstein then told Jane Doe 1 to show herself out and advised that she could not use the main door.The actress states that her next incident with Harvey occurred the following year, when he once again invited her to the Montage to 'celebrate her upcoming role in Marco Polo.'On this occasion, she says he had excused himself, only to return wearing a bathrobe.

Terrified and sweating through her dress, Jane Doe 1 feared for her safety and life.But when she met Weinstein at his Montage hotel room, she says he sexually assaulted her TMZ reports.In her lawsuit, she states that the 65-year-old had grabbed her wrists in one hand, and used his other to masturbate in front of her to completion.He corralled her to a side door that led into a pitch-black stairwell.He then locked the door behind her,' the lawsuit reads.

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