Christianity dating back to luther and calvin

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In the Old Testament the Kingdom of David was a manifestation of God’s own Kingdom (2 Chron. Like the Davidic Covenant, but now open to gentiles, this New Covenant is a social reality—a ” (Acts ). The apostles and their successors—the bishops—are empowered by the Holy Spirit “to care for the church of God” (Acts ). But where in Scripture, they ask, do Catholics get the pope?To submit to their authority is to submit to Christ: “He who receives any one whom I send receives me” (John ). And so as we refill our pint glasses, I turn the Bible on the table to Isaiah 22.As Jesus is the true heir to the throne of David, Aragorn is the true heir to the throne of Gondor.The popular story of Middle Earth provides a helpful metaphor for understanding the Kingdom of God.Yet I could no longer honestly say that Anglicanism was what Christ had in mind when he gathered the tribes of Israel and established what he called “my Church” (Matt. Newman was right: “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” Even more, when I opened my Bible, Peter’s apostolic role began to make sense.It came alive in a way that made the story more Christ-exulting and soul-nourishing.But he prepared a tomb for himself in the special place reserved for the royal sons of David.

He wore special robes of honor and a girdle, a traditional priestly garment (Lev. His office did not cease with his death: it was a chair to be filled by one man succeeding another. While many of the king’s ministers had power to bind and loose, the prime minister could bind what the others had loosed and loose what the others had bound. He was someone who you can hang a lot of weight on, like a peg in a sure spot. By now my friends—most of them wiser and more learned than myself—are raising their eyebrows. The Davidic kingdom is the closest Old Testament parallel to the Church.I will fix him like a peg in a sure spot, to be a throne of honor to his father’s house” (Isa. Although this chamberlain is mentioned elsewhere in Scripture (e.g.1 Kings 4:1-6; 18:3; 2 Kings 15:5; , 37; 19:2), here we learn so much about this unique office.We want to do more than pay him homage and tribute: we want to live a life of total obedience to our King. The way Matthew shows us that Jesus is King is by calling him the “son of David” (1:1).David was “the king” (1:6), and Jesus is called the Christ, the “anointed one” (), a title given to a Davidic king anointed at his coronation. “The New Testament lies hidden in the Old,” wrote St.

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