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Noisier still is the entirely needless grunt I expel as I hoist myself from a chair after dinner.I now need reading specs which I clean by leaning over an open dishwasher door and waiting for them to cloud up.Less maturely, I become irrationally furious at all the obnoxious people allowed to live while my loved ones are stolen by cancer.Despite my new found appreciation for the preciousness of time, I waste hours of the stuff on wholly irrelevant pursuits.

Angie Wright, associate director of the Greater Birmingham Ministries and a retired United Church of Christ pastor.

I simply don’t have the time to spend on crazies (a madness score of up to 7/10 is within normal range), untrustworthy gossips or joy-sappers.

Friendship comes full circle and is suddenly every bit as important as it was at four years old, except that unlike Tyler in the show, you don’t attempt to woo those who don’t like you.

I now keep warranty cards, register appliances, insure everything up the wazoo and will never let my AA cover lapse, because I no longer enjoy the blind optimism of youth.

I am broadly disbelieving of those who claim not to give a damn about their changing face and body as they enter their forties.

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