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Chat Slang has a full list of terms that parents should recognize.

Among them: These are only a few of the acronyms kids use to attempt to keep their parents in the dark.

The next step is educating your kids, and that means talking to them about it.

The SDDA reports that, “71% of parents stop supervising Internet use by their children after the age of 14, yet 72% of all Internet-related missing children cases involve children who are 15 years of age or older.” It’s important to continue to protect and educate your children even into their teens.

So keep an eye out for any unusual acronyms and question your child if you don’t understand their messages.

Educating yourself on the dangers of online stranger encounters is the first step in protecting you kids.

If they know you disapprove, they may attempt to hide it.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Rhonda Porter and other Akron school officials recently had a battle on their hands with a group of girls fighting and threatening each other.

After a few presentations around the Akron school district, Porter and Henagen-Peer brought their message to a broader audience Monday at the Ohio School Board Association's Capitol Conference in Columbus. Here's their list of "dangerous" apps, with their descriptions of them in italics.

We have provided some additional description, in regular type: Back Chat: Founded by a 14-year-old high school student, Back Chat lets users send messages to others without immediately revealing the sender's identity.

How it is misused: It's a very easy tool for "sexting" with more of a feel of being face to face.

This handy App allows children to send private messages that their parents cannot see.

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